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UAV flight missions • System solutions • Remote sensing • Aerial mapping • Geoinformation


GerMAP develops, manufactures, and distributes fixed wing, multi-rotor, and VTOL fixed wing airpcraft UAVs (Unmanned Airborne Vehicles). All aircraft systems fly automatically and are designed for remote sensing tasks including aerial mapping. The UAVs get configured according to user requirements, from users for users.Verweissymbol[continue reading]

GerMAP also offers aerial mapping as well as visual inspection services with related image processing and  applies its  UAVs for flight missions. Depending on the scope of work either our fixed wing airplanes, our multicopters, our our VTOL UAV-airplane are the sensor-platform of choice.

3D-modeling, 3D-visualizations, mapping related aerial imagery, terrain and surface models, image maps, geospatial image processing, video sequencing, detailed documentation images, and more belong to GerMAP's service portfolio. Verweissymbol[continue reading]



Our new UAV Model: QuadPlane VTOL – QuadPlane

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