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Rotary Wing


G47-X8 is a multipurpose, small, and light-weight octocopter with 4x2 co-axial mounted rotors. This makes it very compact and thus very stable in wind. It's equipped with first person view (FPV) technology featuring OSD (on-screen display) overlay. Practical details as the on-board display of battery status ease and accelerate setup time.

Its integrated 2-axis gimbal is ready for carrying payload, e.g. a RGB-camera or a multispectral or a thermal camera, or combinations thereof, which depends on size of sensors used.

Its programmable gimbal stabilizes in a wide range of angular orientations. Unique are the dimensions of the G47-X8 multicopter. With close to 50 cm distance from motor-axis to motor-axis and less than 3.8 kg take-off weight including RGB-camera payload G47-X8 is one of the lightest and most agile multicopters in the below-5-kg-class.


Rotary Wing Modell G47-X8

G47-X8 – multipurpose coaxial octocopter