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VTOL - QuadPlane


G170-V is a vertical take-off and landing = VTOL fixed wing airplane UAV (unmanned airborne vehicle), a QuadPlane.

Its 4 horizontal rotors give it quad-copter-like VTOL capabilities, and as a fixed wing airplane with 170 cm wingspan it operates like a regular fixed wing airplane.

The fuselage of G170-V houses a payload compartment which may carry up to 350 g of payload. The maximum takeoff weight of this new, small QuadPlane amounts close to 4 kg.

G170-V covers large areas while remotely sensing data, e.g. within 20 min it covers an area of 25 ha in 100 m above ground level delivering with its 20 Mpix RGB-camera a stunning GSD of close to 4 cm. It accomplishes this with the convenience and easiness of its fully automatic vertical take-off and landing VTOL capabilities and combines thus flight coverage of fixed wing airplanes with handling simplicity of multicopters. Due to its 12 m/s cruise speed as airplane G170-V exploits time much more efficiently than a similar-powered multicopter.

Applications are in the domains of e.g. aerial mapping, corridor mapping, forestry, agriculture, security, environmental monitoring, construction, rapid disaster response, and many others more.


Quadplane Modell G170-V

G170-V QuadPlane