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UAV System Solutions

Fixed Wing

Typ G180

The G180 is a conventional fixed wing airplane UAV. It serves with its 180 cm wingspan as an automatically flying sensor platform. G180 may be equipped with one or two cameras for aerial mapping. With its maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 4.9 kg it can carry up to 1 kg of payload. Its endurance is up to 60 min. G180 is very well visible, also beyond 1 km distance and requires very short landing space.
Two cameras may be integrated, e.g. 2x RGB, or 1x RGB + 1x NIR, or 1x RGB + 1x multispectral.

Applications are in the domains of e.g. aerial mapping, corridor mapping, forestry, agriculture, security, environmental monitoring, construction, rapid disaster response, and many others more.


Fixed Wing Modell G180

G180 – configurable UAV sensor platform