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UAV flight missions • System solutions • Remote sensing • Aerial mapping • Geoinformation
UAV System Solutions

GerMap's unmanned airborne vehicles (= UAVs) for remote sensing and aerial mapping are innovative, automatically flying fixed wing aircrafts, multicopters, or their combination: QuadPlanes = vertical take-off and landing fixed wing UAVs. They find use in domains such as remote sensing or delivery of goods. Core component is always an „autopilot“ which controls the aircraft in its flight and also navigates it on its pre-defined waypoint flight-path. Vastly visible in the market are multicopter-UAVs. Fixed-wing aircraft UAVs are used significantly less due to a bit more handling efforts. QuadPlanes are very new to this industry. They combine the easiness of automatic VTOL (= vertical take-off and landing) capabilities of multicopters with the abilitiy to cover larger areas than multicopters in the same amount of flying time. 

Remote sensing UAVs are equipped with e.g. cameras, thermal cameras, multispectral cameras, meteorological sensors such as GerMAP's climate-box or other environmental data sensing systems. They establish location-based 3D-data-logging. The majority of such UAVs are E-motor driven with rechargeable, high-energy-density batteries, low level noise emitting propulsion, and are thus environmentally protective.


GerMAP offers to the market application specific UAV System Solutions based on its rotary-wing, fixed-wing, and VTOL - QuadPlane-UAV systems. They are:

  • mobile, robust, safe, light weight
  • applicable in many weather conditions
  • equipped with autopilot for automatic 3D-waypoint navigation
  • simple to learn due to comprehensive training
  • versatile in their applications
  • flexible due to various sensors
  • well suited for documentation, surveying, monitoring and may more tasks