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UAV flight missions • System solutions • Remote sensing • Aerial mapping • Geoinformation
UAV Services

GerMAP offers services in the areas of UAV-Mapping, UAV-InternetServices and Numerical Photogrammetry.

With state of the art software technology GerMAP creates from UAV imaging flight missions e.g.:

  • Digital terrain models and digital surface models (DTM, DSM)
  • Orthomosaics (= image maps)
  • Volumes, profiles, contour lines
  • 3D-modelings, 3D-visualizations
  • and many more, geospatial data sets


The ground sampling distance (GSD) of orthomosaics varies depending on flying height above ground level (AGL), and is mostly between 1 cm and 10 cm. Our DSMs usually possess raster-spacings below 50 cm and thus describe fine-grain surface morphology. Color (RGB) images as well as near-infrared (NIR) images and combinations thereof, i.e. false color near-infrared (CIR) imagery are possible.